10. Don’t spend a weekend away with someone you just met.


As in don’t have some guy you met in a bar fly 3,000 miles to spend a weekend with you. Yes, I did that once. I’m trying to remember hhow old I was. Probably in my early 20s. It all started at this cool dance club in New York called the Limelight and he was charming, Italian and his real name was Angelo, although he went by “Chuck.” Maybe that should have been my first clue. After a night of drinking and dancing – and that’s all – somehow I thought it would be fun for him to come and visit me in California and stay at my place. He actually took me up on the offer and about a month later, I was picking him up at the airport and he was in my apartment. I have no idea what possessed either of us. Because I realized when I saw him again, I wasn’t attracted to him. A dark nightclub, great music and dim lighting does a lot for a person. Or maybe it was just one of those magical nights that should have stayed just that. Regardless, it was one of the longest weekends ever. When he realized he wasn’t going to get what he came for, he began to nitpick everything about me. And I probably wasn’t too much of a peach to him either.

Word to the wise: Going away for a weekend with a guy you don’t know very well could end up being the longest weekend of your life. Spending that much time with someone is a big deal. And when you add the stress of travel combined with your respective quirks, fun isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Even with someone you know well, a weekend away can be longer than you think.

What do you think? Have you ever gone away for a weekend with someone and regretted it? Note: If I’m lucky enough to get a book deal, your comments may be published anonymously in, “Wise Before 25, 50 Things Young Women Should Know.”


About Eva Finn

Eva Finn is an award-winning marketing copywriter, advertising instructor and life expert. She started the blog, Wise Before 25 so young women can avoid making the same mistakes she did. This blog will become a book of the same title, which will include contributions from readers. She was also published in a book about the subject of hair– the good, bad and the ugly – called, fittingly enough, Hair Pieces, by the Cary Tennis Workshop. As a copywriter for more than 20 years, she has written ads, brochures, direct mail, radio and television for clients that included In-N-Out Burger, Bank of America, Toyota and Ingram Micro. Eva has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in education. She has taught advertising classes at The Art Institute of California-Orange County and California State University, Fullerton. And she has had plenty of hard knocks from the school of life.

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  1. A travel companion is a sacred thing. Not to be taken lightly. And even a very close friend may not be your best travel companion. There’s a lot at stake here, even without throwing in the complications that the opposite sex might add. Sound advice indeed.

    • Yes, I’ve even had bad experiences with girlfriends traveling. It doesn’t bring out the best in all of us. When we can find someone that we’re truly comfortable with, it makes traveling so much easier and fun!

  2. Being a solo traveler, it is much more tempting to go away for a weekend with someone you just met than go by yourself. I did just this when I was 18 and in France – I met a Mexican guy who was also traveling and despite our language barrier we both decided to take the Eurostar to London for the weekend. Unfortunately on the first hour of our trip his electronic translator (which we had been using to communicate with) broke, so what ensued was a weekend of awkward silences and my over use of the phrase “no entiendo” which means “I don’t understand” in Spanish. This experience definitely skewed my view and appreciation for London. That being said, I’d still rather risk it for the possibility of a beautiful friendship with someone I’d just met than go it alone. “Happiness is only real when shared”.

    • Hi there, I couldn’t agree with you more. Although if I’m traveling solo now, I’ll go with a group. I met some really amazing people when I went to Italy summer before last and forged some terrific friendships. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. You both must have been desperate because only desparate men fly 3000 miles for a piece of ass and only desparate women avail their domicile – that might include pets – to perfect strangers.

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