34. If you’re lonely, read.


Whether you’re married or single, or somewhere in between, we all have moments when we’re not okay with being alone. I do my best to avoid this feeling, which is the lament of writers, musicians and the human race – loneliness. What I find is that when I read, the feeling seems to go away. Because I’m with someone. The person writing the book and I have formed this connection. They’re speaking to me. Although I do hate that feeling at the end of a good book. I always think I’ll never find another one that’s as good. But you know what? I always do. And once again, I’m on another trip, whether it’s to suburbia in the 1950s with “Revolutionary Road” – http://www.amazon.com/Revolutionary-Road-Richard-Yates/dp/0375708448) or Kansas City, Missouri in “Dark Places” – http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Places-Novel-Gillian-Flynn/dp/0307341577), I’m in my bed or on my couch but I’m really somewhere else. I wish I could take complete credit for this discovery, but I really owe a great debt to Barbara Feldon, Agent 99 on the TV show, “Get Smart.” She wrote this fantastic book, “Living Alone and Loving It – A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life” http://www.amazon.com/Living-Alone-Loving-Barbara-Feldon/dp/0743235177/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378577415&sr=1-1&keywords=living+alone+and+loving+it. In it, she talks about her love of reading and how it’s one of the joys of being single. She stays up all night reading a book she can’t put down. Which reminds me, I have some reading to catch up on.

Word to the wise: Instead of sending a text you may regret, pick up a good book. It’s amazing how much comfort it can bring you. Getting lost in someone else’s journey can make your own that much better.

Do you like reading? What are some of your favorite page-turners? Note: If I’m lucky enough to get a book deal, your comments may be published anonymously in the upcoming book, “Wise Before 25, 50 Things Young Women Need to Know.”


About Eva Finn

Eva Finn is an award-winning marketing copywriter, advertising instructor and life expert. She started the blog, Wise Before 25 so young women can avoid making the same mistakes she did. This blog will become a book of the same title, which will include contributions from readers. She was also published in a book about the subject of hair– the good, bad and the ugly – called, fittingly enough, Hair Pieces, by the Cary Tennis Workshop. As a copywriter for more than 20 years, she has written ads, brochures, direct mail, radio and television for clients that included In-N-Out Burger, Bank of America, Toyota and Ingram Micro. Eva has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in education. She has taught advertising classes at The Art Institute of California-Orange County and California State University, Fullerton. And she has had plenty of hard knocks from the school of life.

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    • Another great read is “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” by Muriel Barbery, very powerful. As mother of school aged children, I’m taunted by the ever mounting pile of books I’d LOVE to read but simply can’t get to; I go in phases where I get pent up with the need for alone time, and the only available hours to bask in my own peace and quiet are late night ones. So I stay up far too late, days in a row, and suffer for it gladly, reading until my eyes are filled with sawdust and the morning is only a few hours away, but I just can’t stand to put it down. Then I become completely exhausted and grouchy, and have to “dry out” for a while. Decent sleep and lots more productivity, true, but a growing yen for another page turner is just around the corner…as soon as I figure out who borrowed my unread copy of “Game of Thrones, book 5,” you know where I’ll be at 1am!

      • I borrowed the first one from someone and have yet to start/return it! Great recommendation on “Hedgehog,” thanks. Have heard many good things about it. I’ve only read one book this year, which is highly unusual for me but speaks to where I’m at right now. I really hope to get a few lazy afternoons in 🙂 Thanks for your always insightful comments.

    • I read part of Poisonwood Bible. It’s well written but the subject matter is tough for me. The whole missionary coming in and changing cultures is hard to get behind. Well look at “French Silk” and so nice to hear from you! I’ve been off for awhile and it’s good to be back 🙂 Thanks for your recommendations.

      • Thanks. Yep I’m getting half way through the poisionwood bible and its actually the perfect genre for me. I read King Leopold’s Ghost too, so I am familiar with background.

      • If you really like to be tortured, read “Hawaii” by Michener. It’s actually fantastic, but again, not the happiest of subject matters. Better yet, go to Hawaii 🙂

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